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REDstack’s goal is to develop and commercialize the reverse electrodialysis (RED) technology. RED is a form of sustainable energy generation, where the fuel is fresh and salt water. Places were rivers empty into the sea are the most suitable locations for the application of RED due to the natural abundance of both feed waters. A fraction of the fresh water is combined with sea water in a membrane pile, or RED stack, to which the company also owes its name: REDstack. Salt and fresh water are mixed in a controlled manner by which electricity can be generated. The resulting brackish water mixture is then returned to the sea and the generated electricity is distributed through the grid. We are calling this Blue Energy: a completely sustainable source of electricity.

REDstack B.V. is a company with three stake holders:

W & F Technologies BV
W & F Technologies BV develops and produces special electrodes for the electrochemical industry and for water treatment systems. They also produce the electrodes that are used in the stacks produced by REDstack.

A.Hak Blue Energy BV
A.Hak specializes in laying cable- and piping-systems, and the transportation of fluid and gas through pipes and electricity, and electricity and data through cables. You are certain to come in contact with A.Hak with any critically important civil engineering project: for example, tunnels under rivers, canals, and highways. It is also no wonder that the piping bridge was installed by A.Hak.

Alliander Participates BV
Alliander is a big player in the Dutch energy market. Alliander specializes in complex energy grid and installations.

REDstack originated as a spin-off company of the water technology institute Wetsus. The ‘Blue Energy’ research theme began at Wetsus in 2005, with the aim of generating energy from salt and fresh water. It soon became clear that there was a promising development, and it was decided by the research theme participants to establish REDstack. After nearly ten years of preparation, a pilot installation was built in Breezanddijk, the Netherlands, on the Afsluitdijk in 2014. The stacks that are operated by REDstack at the Afsluitdijk pilot facility are filled with membranes produced by FUJIFILM, based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Stack and membrane development is still an active and ongoing process between the two project partners. REDstack designs and produces the RED stacks used at the facility, optimizes the process operation, and takes responsibility of future RED commercialization. FUJIFILM takes responsibility for research, development, and production of the membranes used in the RED stacks.

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    Blue Energy for H2!

    A revolutionary method produces directly green H2, without any CO2 production and with very low environmental impact.

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    Dutch King Officially opens Blue Energy pilot installation on the Afsluitdijk Dutch King Officially opens Blue Energy pilot installation on the Afsluitdijk

    Dutch King Officially opens Blue Energy pilot installation on the Afsluitdijk

    The pilot plant is officially opened by the Dutch King Willem-Alexander (November 2014).

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