Visit pilot plant

Dear reader,

We regularly receive requests to visit our Blue Energy pilot plant and (sometimes detailed) questions about RED technology and the results of our work.

We thank you for your interest in our project.
We are working on the development of Blue Energy, a new and sustainable system to generate energy.

Given the nature of the tests and the phase in which our project is, its unfortunately not possible to visit our pilot plant.
We get lots of questions and these visits place too great a burden on our small team. Also, it is not possible to provide detailed information on the RED-technology, process plant and the results of our work. Although we are pleased with the interest.

Therefore, we have included extensive information on our website, with which we like to inform you. Also, if you desire additional information, we will send you the information you need, in that case please send us your contact information? With it you can still get a good impression of our activities.

Best regards,

H.H. Siebers,
managing director

Contact information

REDstack BV
Graaf Adolfstraat 35G
8606 BT Sneek

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 515 - 74 55 82

KvK: 01106094
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    The letter of intent for the realisation of the Blue Energy Installation will not be continued.

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